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Bloch Aspiration Pointe

Aspiration Ballet Pointe Shoe
TTD $925

Bloch Grace Pointe

Grace is BLOCH'S lightest pointe shoe to date and is incredibly supportive! The shoe's Relevease shank uses biomimicry to echo the function of the human spine and allow an easy roll through demi to en pointe. The box shape is elegant and designed to fit and support the foot for maximum comfort.
TTD $935

Bloch Serenade Pointe

Bloch Serenade Pointe
TTD $905

Bloch Signature Rehearsal Pointe

Bloch Signature Rehearsal Pointe shoes, with wide box for easy rehearsal and beginner pointe work
TTD $595

Bloch Suprima Pointe Shoes

Bloch Suprima Pointe Shoes
TTD $600

Bloch Tensus Demi Pointe Shoes

Bloch Tensus Demi Pointe Shoes
TTD $535