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Bloch Stretch Satin Ribbon

Pre-cut stretch satin ribbon for pointe shoes or ballet shoes for dance class
TTD $65

Bloch Stretch Satin Ribbon Roll 2.5 Yds

Stretch Satin ribbon in Pink sold by the yard
TTD $45

Bunheads Demi Spacer

Bunheads Demi Spacers
TTD $85

Bunheads Pinky Pads

Polymer Gel Pinky Pad Provides Blister Relief. Cone-shaped gel pads that can be worn on any of the small toes. Provides relief from corns or blisters. Each package contains 6 pinky pads that can be washed and reused.
TTD $85

Bunheads Spacers

Gel Spacers in standard size for pointe shoe dancers
TTD $85

Bunheads Stretching the Pointe Mesh Elastic

Bunheads Stretching the Pointe Mesh Elastic
TTD $50