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GAIAM Premium Yoga Mat Oceanscape

Experience calm and balance as you practise yoga on this ocean-patterned yoga mat
225.00 (TTD)

GAIAM Premium Yoga Mat Alterra

Achieve balance and strength on this circle-patterned slip resistance yoga mat
250.00 (TTD)

GAIAM Premium Yoga Mat Lily Shadows

Practice on this colorful, yet classic, Premium Lily Shadows Yoga Mat.
250.00 (TTD)

GAIAM Yoga Block & Strap

The yoga bloxk will help you be more stable and assist you to balance as needed as you practice yoga. They help you to improve your alignment, depeen your poses and become stronger. The strap aids in stretching to increase your range of motion and hold your poses while you control your breath.
155.00 (TTD)

GAIAM Yoga Block

Support your stretch with a Gaiam yoga block. These lightweight foam blocks provide the stability needed for optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength.
100.00 (TTD)

Superior Stretch Foam Roller

Foam Fitness Roller with two pressure zones.
225.00 (TTD)