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    Bloch Girls' Annie Tyette Tap Shoe

    Manufacturer: Bloch
    Manufacturer part number: S0350G
    Bloch Girls' Annie Tyette Tap Shoe
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    An introductory children's tap shoe.


    • The two sides of the upper are fastened together with an elastic strip featuring a snap design as well as a ribbon which has been threaded through the eyelets and tied in a bow to conceal the elastic
    • Bloch's techno tap plates
    • Soft cashmere lining and padded insole for comfort and to reduce moisture
    • A non-slip pro balance pad has been added to the outsole to smooth out weight transference
    • The back of the shoe has no seam lines in lining and an extra piece of black leather to secure the heel and minimise rubbing


    • Synthetic Leather

    Sizing Information & Suggestions

    • Girls size 10 - 11/2 start with 1/2 size larger than street shoe size. Girls size 2 - 3 1/2 start with 3 full sizes larger than street shoe size which means they would have to take a ladies size.
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